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import ""

Show the Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) state: ip.New(someProvider).

DPMS supports displaying the DPMS using pluggable providers, with the ability to add custom providers fairly easily. Provider is just

type Provider interface {
	// Get retrieves the current DPMS status, returning true if it is enabled.
	Get() (bool, error)

	// Set enables or disables DPMS.
	Set(enabled bool) error

The following DPMS providers are available in barista-contrib:



dpms: on

Show DPMS state an react on click events:

xset.New().Output(func(info dpms.Info) bar.Output {
    if info.Enabled {
        return outputs.Text("dpms: on").OnClick(click.Left(info.Disable))

    return outputs.Text("dpms: off").OnClick(click.Left(info.Enable))

Using .OnClick(nil) prevents the default click handler of the dpms module from being added to part of the output.

Data: type Info struct



Controller Methods

In addition to the data methods listed above, dpms’ Info type also provides controller methods to interact with the DPMS state: